ICalendar Import / Export

Say you listed a space at naturistbnb.com, but to maximise your opportunity you also added it to airbn.com (or some other textile booking site). So your challenge is how you can mark your airbnb.com bookings as unavailable at naturistbnb.com and vice versa.

The iCalendar Feature is a way to synchronize your reservation data with other websites. It checks the other calebdars every 3 hours to sync booking data. You can also manually force the synchronisation.

Just go to add property/edit property page and go to Calendar Section in user dashboard. The export / import options are there, just the bottom of the calendar view. You need to paste the airbnb.com iCalendar feed url at the "feed" field and name it. Once you hit save the first synchronization is made and data gets imported. Then you copy your naturistbnb.com calendar feed url and paste it in airbnb.com or some other website which provides calendar sync feature. You can add more than one external calendar to sync with. See screenshots below.

And here it how it looks at airbnb.com

How it looks on your calendar?

The airbnb.com booking data will appear in you calendar with a special purple label (bookings made on naturistbnb.com website will be in green label). Look at the screenshot below, and you get a hint how it is shown.

And the same period in airbnb.com calendar: